Working in family company for 20 years, which manufactured football shoes under its unique brand, gave me the opportunity to learn the business from early ages and follow latest trends affecting sports footwear market. Having an entrepreneurial spirit ended up with starting up my own business in 2012. My primary vision was to manufacture performance clothes for athletes under a local brand. This is how Barex brand emerged. Starting with importing soccer balls, we started to manufacture a wide variety of clothing for soccer, basketball and volleyball players with the objective of positioning Barex as a strong brand among team sports. We signed our first sponsorship agreement with Manisaspor, one of the first league teams of Turkish Football Federation. Barex branded products were sent to sports clubs in countries including Kazakhstan, Russia, Ghana, Cyprus and Greece. We signed a sponsorship agreement with Hearts of Oak team playing in Ghana Premier League and African Championship. To make Barex a globally known brand, our objective will be to ensure that leading football and basketball teams of Turkey and Europe wear Barex branded products. Moreover, we are committed to support sports with sponsorship agreements.

Barex Sports
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